I'm Lilo, your typical average Deaf, Queer, Solo Female Traveler who has the passion for photography and sharing my personal stories with the world. ​


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About Me

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About Me

Hi, I’m Lieurene but everyone calls me Lilo.


At the age of three, I was diagnosed profoundly deaf. Since then, I grew up with hearing aids and went to oral school. It wasn’t until seventh grade when I learned ASL.


From the minute I was born on this earth, I had often faced barriers. There were so many things I wanted to accomplish in life but find it hard to because of the barriers of being a Deaf, queer, solo female traveler who battles with mental health and body image. But did that stop me? 


Nope! In fact, it's what motivates, even more, to go after my dreams. 


I’ve always had the strong desire for traveling since at a young age, thanks to my mom who always worked so hard to take us out on vacations. It was not until 2014 when I finally decided to travel on my own and along with travel buddies. And to my surprise, I had no regrets.  In fact, it only added fuel to my growing passion for travel. I live by what my mother has always taught me, “Never let anything hold you back, not even your deafness”.


Originally, I wanted to make this a travel blog but decided that I want it to be more than that. I want this blog to celebrate the different aspects of me as well as a place for my photography. 


I believe in spreading awareness. I believe in telling and hearing stories. I believe in exploring whether it's halfway around the world or just in your own backyard. I believe in spreading love and kindness. I believe in myself.


Thus, it is my beliefs and experiences that inspired the name of this blog, Deafinitely Without Barriers.

Feel free to check out all the stories that I share throughout my journey and be sure to leave a comment or reach out. 


If you wish to work with me regarding the blog or my photography, please contact me.


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